Purgatory: It Can’t Be Avoided.

Elizabeth M ShaubyIt’s hard to imagine how anyone blocks, eliminates and teaches falsely about purgatory. But, God’s adversary is quite clever to distract the faithful from their relatives needing replenishment on the other side. It’s like dumb and dumber to believe we are shot straight to Heaven. What in the world would be the point of earth? Purgatory is the only thing, that makes earth–make sense.

We do penance, suffering and sacrifice here for our loved ones who died but were not in holiness. Any religion preaching no such thing as purgatory eliminates their worth. Get going, right now say a pray for your deceased relative…today. And if you’ve had thoughts of a deceased loved one all day….especially today– that was your hint.

Eternal rest grant unto them Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them, may the souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace.  

If we didn’t believe full revelation when we are on earth how do we believe it when we die. Seeing God can’t possible change the earthly existence of those who reject truth.

Faithfully means: they believed but had imperfection. Perfection is needed for Heaven and can be gained from the faithful (us) here on earth by our prayers for the dead. And the “favor” will be returned.