And Then It Was You: Politics Is a Phase

Pour In Spirit Blog

Sarah, a friend of mine, was so excited about the direction of the country. She had visited a friend in a socialist country, and she was psyched about the free health care, college and six weeks off a year. Her lifestyle as a single woman brought her into social circles advocating for any behavior that doesn’t suppress ones current emotional highs and lows.

As she leaned more and more in that direction, I was moving toward moral values, commitments and working on business growth opportunities. We connected only on social media, and that became an unfortunate strain. She was working much less and depending on government much more. She became somewhat of a troll, arguing day and night for a cause that wasn’t quite clear. She began arguing for and against the latest trend all the while being in contradiction. I disengaged.

Years later I was at a business meeting and ran into a mutual friend of ours; she told me our friend Sarah had hit rock bottom. Sarah had fallen in love with a man passionate about freedom, entrepreneurship, family and moral responsibilities. This made her the enemy of her political circles; they began targeting her. Soon her health care was cut off, next her professors pulled endorsements, and she was fired from her job. Sarah realized it was more than a share-the-wealth mission; she had been used and then abused. She was a weapon and the weapon had perks. Sarah’s relationship with the man ended badly. He became a target of Sarah’s political network. When his life was threatened, their relationship ended abruptly.

My friend told me Sarah had to change her identity because the threats and retaliation lasted years. She assured me that, Sarah was in the care of good doctors not associated with the very system that destroyed her life. She added that Sarah was praying and working towards healing but that it would take some time.

I thought a lot that night in my hotel room about the moment I realized arguing with Sarah had no merit. When I disengaged, I prayed for her every day. When it doesn’t benefit us, but we aggressively believe it does, God gives us a full dose, because sometimes it’s the only way we can feel what others see.

My Grandfather used to say, “go ahead! eat the bowl of candy, go ahead.” And he would put the bowl in front of me. Halfway through the bowl I was sick, it changed my habits – rather quickly, and I credit Grandpa for saving me from an unhealthy lifestyle.