Does Your Spirit Sleep?

Elizabeth M ShaubyScripture is riddled with the terms like “fell asleep” referring to the faithful who have died. So what exactly is sleeping?

Anyone who believes that humans are both body and soul, must also have rational thought when it comes to sleep and awake. Our bodies need to sleep, but does our spirit sleep, while our bodies are sleeping? Is there sleeping in the realms of existence after we die?

Sleep is not only important to the body, but also important to the soul. How so? The soul is created “programmed” for God. It’s our “hard drive” while we are awake, our human disordered inclinations make mistakes by hitting the wrong keys or downloading harmful content. At night while we sleep, so too our computer anti-virus runs scans to clear out the junk we collected during the day.  All of it analogous to our body and spirit.

The answer: the body sleeps and the spirit becomes wide-awake. The spirit, so-to-speak, clears out the junk we collected by way of intercession and dreams. Our spirit communions with our guardian angel who is pure spirit. Though many will say “I don’t remember my dreams” or “dreams mean you are not in full rem,” all of it is a dumbing down of what is actually happening.

Sleep was God’s (not mans) perfect anti-virus program. Your spirit is not sleeping while you sleep, so what is it doing? Just laying there while you are sleeping? Of course not. If when the body dies the spirit goes on (and it does, we all know this) then how is it possible while you’re sleeping it’s doing nothing? So what is it doing? What are YOU doing while you sleep?

This all drives us back to out-of-body experiences during surgery and near-death trauma’s when a patient sees, hears and knows what is going on in the room while their body is “under.” Your spirit flies while you sleep to where it’s intended to go– receive enlightenment about its creator.

Fearful dreams, impact us. Pleasant dreams, impact us. No dreams we are unable to remember– still impact us. Our spirit scans, re-sets, refreshes, rejuvenate’s our sanity in God. It also points to our deceased relatives in mystical ways. It points to those who have harmed us in mystical ways. It runs parables, allegories and metaphors through the night mysteriously cleaning the body and soul for the next day’s journey.

If you can’t sleep, it’s likely because of a virus that doesn’t want to be found. If you can sleep, congrats’! it’s likely attributed to having an awesome anti-virus program.

May your Guardian Angel receive gratitude while working to protect your soul.