Lady at the Light: Police Avoided

I was running late. Everyone is slow. Come on people. People should be ticketed for going slow, that causes just as many accidents! 

I get to the intersection and all looks good and I’m about to turn right, no one in my path. Then a midsize 1970’s Chevrolet nondescript vehicle swerves in front of me and stops at the red light. What! I would’ve slipped right through the intersection! Come on lady! Go! The light is red and her turn signal blinks right she can turn right on red, yet she chooses to sit there, parked. As if to aggravate me. I wait about 5 seconds before laying on my horn. Apparently she can’t hear me. Nice, crazy lady! What in the world. I can feel the driver next to me watching me thinking; Oh calm down. Then…finally….the light turns green and she slowly turns right as if no one else is on the road. And there he is, Mr. Police officer in his big old SUV. Parked. Ready to hand out speeding tickets.

Lesson learned. If the Lady at the Light didn’t block me in my speeding tracks, Mr. Police officer would have. And I would’ve missed a great homily and the grace I needed. A big grace. If Mr. Police officer stopped me, I wouldn’t have arrived on time to hear the homily I needed to hear.