Silence Movie: God is Never Silent, Sin Hates the Light

Churches are silent. Parents are silent. Christians are silent. Priests are silent. Bishops are silent. Politicians are silent. Doctors are silent.

GOD is NEVER silent. You will hear terms like “dark night of the soul” all misinterpreted cliché’s.

Martin is obviously a tormented soul. He smells of the stain of agnosticism with a glass of champagne.  Hidden in his relentless marketing essentials claiming ownership to Catholic Altar Boy – gone rogue. But….Martin is far from it. He is a Horror Film walking….the bloodier – the better; especially if it involves priests.

Thank you; Scorn-says-he. I felt more alive watching your weak characters. They never once saw Christ in the lives of the peasants. Those dreadful meaningless souls who believed far beyond the priests appointed to serve them. They died. They were tortured. Castaway. And yet these weak priests who want wine, gourmet cakes and social elitism more than God himself proved the reality of Jesus.

GOD was NEVER silent in this “silence” movie. He spoke of the sacraments giving strength to the least and slow death to the mighty. If you ever doubted the POWER of the sacraments, you must tremble at this real story of unimaginable torture to receive them – even those delivering them were easily swayed into a FALSE God.

I loved it for the very reason God was never silent, only to those who spit on him.

Re-evaluate the sacraments in your life – no one dies for guitar music.