The Contradiction: Teen Life

Riley was excited. He prayed for a sign that he might meet the perfect girl.

Riley’s friends were all attending the high school dances and he was the perpetual third wheel.

His prayer was answered and his sign seemed obvious. An obscure sign only Riley could know, hovered around a particular girl.

Riley moved quickly, after all, she must be the one. He dove in head first. No matter what – she was the girl for him. After all, a sign could not be wrong. Riley became absorbed in the relationship. He quit his favorite sport. Ignored his friends.

Riley’s parents decided to intervene. “Riley, this seems to be an unhealthy turn of events,” Dad commented. “What do you mean?” Riley responded a bit defensive. “Well let’s see all the reasons for having a girlfriend no longer exist all that exists is the girlfriend,” Dad continues. No dances. No friends. No sports. “Was that the sign you received?” Dad asks.

“Forget about signs!” Riley shouts. “It’s all superstition anyway!” Riley demands.

“So we will add to your list, no signs either, what is left for you to believe in Riley?” Dad asks. A relationship enhances the good in your life, it doesn’t strip it away. A sign is to be tested, discerned or we can undue years of good.

Riley didn’t want to admit it but he took what his father said and realized a great lesson.