Adoration Chapel

Adoration: A simple means of grace for the weary and wary.

For Catholics and Non-Catholics, Adoration Chapels are all over the world. Look on and locate Adoration Chapels.

The significance of an Adoration Chapel is only known by the individual receiving that grace. If there was no ability for grace with long term affects; the chapels would have closed up shop about 1500 years ago. If a business doesn’t deliver on a promise, their doors close. 

If you are able to identify any ministry, outside the Sacraments, that has lasted over 1500 years using the same format, let me know. Read that sentence again carefully before responding.

The sacraments operate beyond human weakness, beyond human intellect and beyond human administrative practices.

A legitimate priest can say words that have been handed down, since the beginning, and what was once a material something becomes Holy and transmits graces to those willing to receive in good faith.

Non-Christians can enter an Adoration Chapel with good will, and in good faith, unafraid of light to test the spirits and encounter a deeper understanding through a heartfelt trust. This is reasonable and a beautiful means God has offered for those unable to enter full communion. 

Non-Catholics can enter an Adoration Chapel and move their baptism from passive to active. The feeding of the five thousand should be an invitation to calm the fear of bread made Holy. God knows us intimately, so it’s best not to enter the Chapel with a mechanical rotation of internal argument and prayer. It’s good to sit, if only but a moment and ask for help to believe this mystery. 

Once in the adoration chapel a way to receive without actually receiving:

Lord, I can not now receive you please come into my heart that I may receive all the graces necessary for this day, amen.

Lord, I am not worthy that Thou shouldst enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.

Adoration allows for an undisruptive path, yet fruitful path of discernment.

This is an immediate care facility. 

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Elizabeth M Shauby