Baptism: Simplifying a chaotic message.

Do you feel sluggish? No spark? No enthusiasm or zest for life? Do you hear all these talking head ministry people and the only ones that seem remotely interesting, are those that tell you you’re skinny when you are not, gorgeous when you are not, perfect when you are not and if you tithe three more dollars you will be the richest person in the world? Then when you exit the talk and are back to sluggish, no spark, no enthusiasm... what next?

If you've not been baptized and call yourself a Christian you paid three dollars too much. Unless there is a baptism by desire scenario due to inability to actually be baptized. But, that is another days conversation. 

If you don’t know if you’ve been baptized, attempt to find your baptismal certificate. Chat with relatives and track down the Church they claim you were baptized in. If the Church says “we don’t give baptismal certificates” the likelihood that it was a genuine baptism is zero. If you get the certificate and.. it is, from a Church that uses the words: Father Son and Holy Spirit as part of the baptismal ceremony, then viola, you have a legitimate baptism.

If you were baptized Catholic…congrats! It’s legit now you can move farther into your sacrament journey.

So the story is you’re not baptized and don’t want to become baptized but fell crazy in love with a Catholic and want to get married. Great! As long as you sign on the dotted line during pre-Cana class that your children will be raised Catholic then all should go well, but as millions of folks in your same circumstance can testify to: no dad or mom wants to be separated from their children's sacramental journey. So its best to look seriously at what life is going to look like married to a Catholic, all the while remembering the reasons why you fell in love with a Catholic in the first place may be because, no matter what, their Catholicism played a role… so much so they had no fear of falling in love with you.

So you want to be baptized today, where should you go? If you are not Catholic and don’t really even understand anything about Catholic but want to be baptized for all the right reasons anyone can baptize you who is already legitimately baptized. But that means you need to stay out of mortal sin. Because if you don’t have confession, that could be a big problem. But, there are many people who were able to remove the stain of venial sins without entering mortal sin as a non-Catholic Christian. However, since Jesus instituted confession, I’d make sure to understand that aspect of baptismal graces as part of your faith journey. 

Why get baptized? Because Jesus did. He directed us to get it done. And He is God. Plus if something is missing in your life and that emptiness is not going to go away allow yourself to be led and seek without fear to find.

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Elizabeth M Shauby