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Lesson of the Day Podcast

Elizabeth Shauby, Pour In Spirit Media, Lesson of The Day, Christian Coach, Podcast, Catholic

Where Wit and Wisdom Snuff out Mockery and Mayhem. Hosted by Elizabeth Shauby. Hitting hard topics with sarcasm humor and Truth. 

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Movie Suggestions Podcast

Christian Movies, Pour In Spirit, Elizabeth Shauby, Podcast, Movie Suggestions

Is it possible for Christians to find movies that don't cause great distress? Yep. We've got some fantastic suggestions for kids and adults every Saturday! Enjoy!

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Christian News Monologues Podcast

Christian News Monologues Podcast, Elizabeth Shauby, The Sacramentalist, Catholic

Headlines of the day filtered through the Sacramental Life, not watered down to avoid scandals within Christianity. An examination.

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The Sacramentalist Fiction AudioBook Series

The Sacramentalist, AudioBook, Spiritual Suspense Stories, Fiction, Mystical Intrigue

Bourne has nothing on The Sacramentalist fighting for the salvation of souls in a time when the population has been overrun by spiritual terrorism. Available for members. Genre: Mystical Intrigue and Spiritual Suspense.

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God Memoir Guest Interviews Broadcast Sunday Evenings


Everyone has a God Memoir testimony and Elizabeth Shauby shares these unique witness stories with the audience infusing specific grace for our time. 

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Ministries You Should Know About Broadcast Wednesdays


Ministries with a specific niche talk to Elizabeth Shauby about the support they offer to over come a specific vice that may be ruining their relationships and job opportunities. 

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Elizabeth Shauby The Humorist




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God Memoir Reviews and Impact Statements

Miraculous Grace

I have worked with Pour in Spirit Ministries for over a decade and the work has made a big impact in my life. The coaching has given me great solace to stay faithful and work to grow my spiritual life. With all the challenges I have experienced in marriage and raising children to volunteering at Church, the guidance and love I have received from this ministry over the years is a miraculous testimony to Sacramental Grace.

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Diving Deeper

I have worked with Pour in Spirit Ministries since 2012 and I was truly amazed by the homeschool community campus they built. Bringing together multiple Christian communities to form a school that served both the mind and soul was fascinating to be a part of. As an educator, I rarely observe the infusing of bible, sacraments and academics in such symphony.

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Review by Lisa

Review: God Memoir

“Interesting and well written!” - Lisa - Editorial Review Createspace, Amazon Affiliate

This is an interesting and well-written book that should interest a wide range of readers.

Your three sections titled: Courtship, Nuptials and Friendship put me in the mind of someone who is planning a wedding, in that all the additional work has to coexist with everyday life, which doesn’t go away just because you have a life-changing event coming up. 

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Review by Jon

Review: God Memoir

“A Leap of Faith!” - Jon - Editorial Review Createspace - Amazon Affiliate

This enjoyable, uplifting, and formative memoir not only takes readers through the many remarkable experiences of the author and her companions life but also transmits the author’s love for God and her Catholic faith.

This beautiful testimony will entertain and challenge the readers. It is clear and understandable and does a noteworthy job of intertwining stories with teaching points for readers who want to follow and serve God in a sacramental life. 

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