Miriam: The Jewish Mary. A Royal Christmas Fiat


The Jewish Mary. Miriam Called Mary. Elizabeth Shauby. What is this About?

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The Jewish Mary. Miriam Called Mary. Elizabeth Shauby. Content List

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Miriam: The Jewish Mary

Each section of the series is approximately 12 minutes in length. Audiobook. Jewish Mary.

Section One


Joachim and Anna's Childlessness, Introduction to Elizabeth and Zachariah, Mary as a Child. Jewish Mary.

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Section Two

The Jewish Mary, Miriam Called Mary, A Royal Christmas Fiat by Elizabeth Shauby

Joseph as Carpenter and Foster Father, Joseph's Children, Mary as a Worker and Daughter, Jewish Traditions

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Section Three


Jewish Traditions, Betrothal, Prophecy, Nazareth Community, Mary's Relationships (Video Book Coming)

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Section Four


Betrothal and Jewish Traditions Continued, Characters Prior to New Testament, The Passover

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Section Five


Betrothal and Passover Continued, Mary Meets Gabriel, Mary Travels To Elizabeth and Zachariah, Mary Gives Her Fiat, Elizabeth Has A Prophecy. Jewish Mary.

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Section Six


Betrothal, Engagement, Quiet Marriage, Elizabeth & Zachariah, Census, Nativity, Joseph's Dream, Magi, Shepards, Simon & Andrew, Inn Keeper. audiobook. audio-visual production. Jewish Mary

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Section Seven


Joseph's Dream, Escape To Egypt, Presentation in The Temple,

Finding in the Temple Confusion, Growing Up in Nazareth, Siblings, Joseph Dies, Wedding At Cana. Audiobook. Jewish Mary

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Section Eight


 Wedding at Cana, John the Baptist,

Jesus' Rebuke of Siblings and Mother, Beginning of Stations of The Cross. Jewish Mary.

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Section Nine


Thank you for taking this incredible journey with us. Final Episode: Stations of the Cross, Peter, Resurrection, Dormition and Assumption, Second Coming.

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