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Welcome to The Sacramentalist, hosted by Elizabeth Shauby as part of Pour In Spirit Media Channel.

Free programs are available on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean and direct as an EMAIL subscriber. Those programs include Lesson of the Day, News, Christian Comedy and Movie Suggestions. All filtered through a Sacramental Life.

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Paid Premium Subscriptions hosted on Podbean include Spiritual Coaching with a wide range of subject matter. The cost is $10.00 for the year. Click the BUY NOW link on our Podcast Page and it will direct you to Podbean. There you will find the BUY NOW registration tab to the right of The Sacramentalist frontcover. You can download the Podbean App from Apple and Android services. Podbean is a simple service easy to navigate. 

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Paid audio books: individual audio book buys will be available on Podbean in September. Those programs include The Sacramentalist Fiction series and God Memoir non-Fiction series as part of our discipleship work.

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Enter Elizabeth Shauby into Podbean Search.

Enter Elizabeth Shauby into Podbean Search.