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Pour In Spirit Enterprise began in 2005. Members were active in the launch of Catholic Radio in Chicago from 2005 - 2007. In 2007 the Sacramental Life Conference was launched headlining national Catholic Speakers. 2008 a peer to peer coaching ministry for Sacramental Living began. 2009 a center for Sacramental Education was supported, in large part, by the home education community. 2014 testimonies were compiled for a God Memoir series. 2015 the first volume of God Memoir was launched. After years of compiling analytical data and metrics from all major big box digital stores, it was realized that the Christian business and ministry community was at a disadvantage in social media and ebook platforms. 2017 Pour in Spirit Media expanded outside the ebook distribution to other digital content packaging and dissemination venues. 2019 the Ad-Tag Store launched offering Christian owned and ministry related businesses, to reach a demographic established by the Pour In Spirit group spanning fifteen years. Our media reaches an audience niche targeted to Family and Faith Living using email, events, postal addresses and digital media communities.

We compiled fifteen years of successful ministry work into Pour In Spirit Media: a group passionate about the Sacraments and its relationship to health and faith. 

What is A Sacramentalist

A Christian who first believes in baptism by water In The Name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit being necessary for salvation. There is also baptism by desire and baptism in the Holy Spirit. However, a Sacramentalist has a concentration on the importance of ordinary baptism. A Sacramentalist follows the path to identify and cooperate with all other valid Sacraments.

What is Pour In Spirit

Pour in Spirit refers to ordinary baptism, pentecost, gifts of the Holy Spirit and the beatitudes.

Who is Elizabeth Shauby

Elizabeth Shauby is a brand name as part of Pour in Spirit Media Product recognition. 


Programs are designed to highlight each individual as a God Memoir. All human beings are to the benefit of God and those stories are invaluable to the purpose and mission of each individual human person. From the simplest of experiences to the most epic, they are all: a God Memoir. Freewill allows the individual to cooperate, by doing so this is a victory story for the person, by not doing so, it is may still be used as a victory for God and others. Stories, not intellectual exercises change the human heart toward God. Witness testimony is stronger than all scripture study. Study following a conversion of heart solidifies why the experience happened the way it did.

How To Get Involved

Navigating the internet can be a scary endeavor and hence ordinary folks just skimming things have a hard time committing their name to anything because of the intolerant and sometimes toxic state of our union. So we offer a huge variety of ways to get involved. MeWe, LinkedIn, Encrypted Messaging, Subscriptions, Podbean, iTunes, ApplePodcasts, Email, Pinterest, Twitter and setting your notifications for mobile and desktop can eliminate a lot of hassle. 

Individual: Memberships are Available to receive Premium Content: AudioBooks, Special Programs. See Tab for Memberships. 

Ad-Tag: No sponsorships or partnerships. Short advertising tags are available for much of our products and the audience is fresh and unlike all other ministry demographics. Approved business receive account numbers for placement, see Ad-Tag section for further details.