God Memoir A Leap of Faith!


A Leap of Faith!

Review: God Memoir

“A Leap of Faith!” - Jon - Editorial Review Createspace - Amazon Affiliate

This enjoyable, uplifting, and formative memoir not only takes readers through the many remarkable experiences of the author and her companions life but also transmits the author’s love for God and her Catholic faith.

This beautiful testimony will entertain and challenge the readers. It is clear and understandable and does a noteworthy job of intertwining stories with teaching points for readers who want to follow and serve God in a sacramental life. The writing was clear and conversational, which made for fun easy reading.

Thank you for the privilege of joining you in the process of seeing this leap of faith come to fruition. You mentioned in the manuscript how you dreamed of being a writer since being a child, and it’s a true blessing for me to be able to be a part of this process in helping your book achieve publication. I know God will use it to put your into contact with the many readers and listeners whom you can touch with God’s love and mercy.

Passover in the Light of Christ; this is a powerful, cohesive argument stretching throughout this story. Out of all the stories and theological points made in the book thus far, I think this one appears to be the most moving of them all. Thank you for sharing your journey!