God Memoir Interesting & Well Written!


Interesting and Well Written!

Book Review: God Memoir

“Interesting and well written!” - Lisa - Editorial Review Createspace, Amazon Affiliate

This is an interesting and well-written book that should interest a wide range of readers.

Your three sections titled: Courtship, Nuptials and Friendship put me in the mind of someone who is planning a wedding, in that all the additional work has to coexist with everyday life, which doesn’t go away just because you have a life-changing event coming up. The structure of the book is episodic, and it is loosely organized around the themes of courtship, nuptials and friendship with Lizzy and her companions relationship to God. This works for the genre, especially as some events that are related in theme or provenance occur many years apart. The chapters are divided logically, and many of them end with brief “teases” about upcoming chapters. Such as “Later in my life, this event and especially the meaning of the stork would circle back around with great clarity.” 

Your objective in writing this book is communicated effectively at the beginning and reinforced throughout the book.

Your narrative voice is friendly and conversational, making the book an easy and comfortable read.

  • You also express your takes on people, circumstances, and events in interesting ways:
  • It is the battlefield, not the field of safe space.
  • As the youngest of eight children in a mixed but not blended dynamic, no two days were the same.
  • Something about water makes everything work out.
  • It was a language with fluctuations and exclamation points.
  • He smoked like a chimney and talked like he managed sailors.

The tone and style of your narrative voice are consistent throughout the book and are appropriate for both the subject matter and target audience.

I hope these edits and comments are valuable in helping the manuscript achieve publishing goals. Good luck in your revision process and I wish you all the best for this manuscript and future books!