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We get it. We lived it. We know it. Your spouse, problems. Your relatives, problems. Your kids, problems. Your priest, problems. Your friends, problems. Your child’s teacher, problems. Your social media, problems. Spiritual insights, we have. Just have a few seconds, minutes or more, we produce media to serve you when and where you need it most. Our media library offers topics on everything from modern challenges to mystical reflections and spiritual insights. Hope for the hopeless. Promise for the faithful. Endurance for the race.

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Shauby Talks About God Memoir

Elizabeth Shauby talks about the God Memoir Series. God Memoir Faith Under Pressure is the first volume. As of Labor Day weekend – 2018, the newest volume – God Memoir Parenting: Trials and Victories will be released.


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😏🎤Immigration: False Narrative by Dem’s Repub’s and Religious Careerists while Foster Care goes Unnoticed.

For Democrats and Religious Careerist, to conflate the protection of children and families with abuse of children and families, is not surprising. But, what is surprising is the number of[…]

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