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Content for the Sacramental Life. Serving individuals and ministries. Produced by Pour In Spirit Media Artists.

Mind Heart and Soul

Followers receive spiritual sanity snippets daily. Pour in Spirit produces Digital Art for visitors and Premium Digital Artistry for paid subscribers. 

Find Peace in Chaos

Pour in Spirit is a brand of Digital Artistry reflecting Christianity. Bread of Life on the go: at work, in the car, coffee break, lunch break, bedtime, walkathon, bleachers and scrolling. A coaching experience always pointing to God.

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Lesson of the Day Podcast

Where Wit and Wisdom Snuff out Mockery and Mayhem. Hosted by Elizabeth Shauby. Hitting hard topics with sarcasm humor and Truth. 

Movie Suggestions Podcast

Pour In Spirit Audio-visual production. Is it possible for Christians to find movies that don't cause great distress? Yep. We've got some fantastic suggestions for kids and adults every Saturday! Enjoy!

Christian News Monologues Podcast

Headlines of the day filtered through the Sacramental Life, not watered down to avoid scandals within Christianity. An examination.

The Sacramentalist Fiction AudioBook Series

Bourne has nothing on The Sacramentalist fighting for the salvation of souls in a time when the population has been overrun by spiritual terrorism. Available for members.

God Memoir Non-Fiction Audio Book Series

Composite characters offer members insight into how they overcame adversity, heresy, apostasy and grave matter. Relatable testimonies and short organized themes about the narrow road.

FAQ's About PinS Inventory

Information on authentic PinS content and where to find it. If the content is not connected to this site, it is likely piracy or a non-authorized copy. Read further for details.

Digital Artistry for Social Media Messaging

There are plenty of cookie cutter design programs for social media content creation. But, not everyone has the ability to message about Christianity and or the Sacraments. Digital Artistry offers grab and post designs.


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AudioBooks Released September 2018

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