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Lesson of the Day Podcast

Where Wit and Wisdom Snuff out Mockery and Mayhem. Hosted by Elizabeth Shauby. Hitting hard topics with sarcasm humor and Truth. 

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Movie Suggestions Podcast

Pour In Spirit Audio-visual production. Is it possible for Christians to find movies that don't cause great distress? Yep. We've got some fantastic suggestions for kids and adults every Saturday! Enjoy!

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Christian News Monologues Podcast

Headlines of the day filtered through the Sacramental Life, not watered down to avoid scandals within Christianity. An examination.

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The Sacramentalist Fiction AudioBook Series

Bourne has nothing on The Sacramentalist fighting for the salvation of souls in a time when the population has been overrun by spiritual terrorism. Available for members.

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God Memoir Non-Fiction Audio Book Series

Composite characters offer members insight into how they overcame adversity, heresy, apostasy and grave matter. Relatable testimonies and short organized themes about the narrow road.

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